2014 Update & Training Topics


Happy 2014 Blog Followers:

I just wanted to give my readers an update for Diversity Solutions Marketing.

Over the holiday season, I took some time off from blogging and focused on setting goals and working on upcoming training topics for 2014.  In the past few weeks, I became a Constant Contact Solution Provider and added Email Marketing as one of the services I provide.  Hopefully in time, I will be an Authorized Local Representative giving presentations all over the Dallas Fort-Worth Area.

Speaking of training opportunities, I am excited to have our first training of 2014.  It’s a goal setting session using the S.M.A.R.T. theory for those that missed the one held in December.   Other sessions this year will include:

Networking 101 – An entry level training for those new to networking or want to refresh their skills

Low Cost Marketing– This is a detailed training that provides different type of low cost marketing options for small business owners that they can implement in their busy lives, especially those without a marketing staff.

SWOT – The analysis focused on a company’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. We will help analyze our individual business or jobs to determine how we can improve using this platform.

Target Market-  This training goes over identifying who your target and sub target markets are and developing a plan to reach them both using your resources.

 Group Brainstorming Sessions– These are ongoing sessions that offer group feedback to each other.  Business owners are presented an area of concern they are dealing with.  During the feedback time, constructive criticism is given.

Image Goal Setting– While goals are usually set at the beginning for ending of the year, these sessions can occur anytime.  Mid-year goal setting sessions along with new goal setting sessions are also available. Accountability partners are also assigned.

This is just a small list of what is yet to come.  It’s going to be an exciting year.  Are you ready to work on your business?

Diversity Solutions will also be working on these trainings not only in the DFW are but also via webinar.

Exciting news in 2014. 

Stephanie Franco





Dallas “Small Business” Black Friday Sales

As a small business owner and avid “shop local” supporter, I developed a short list of a few businesses in the Dallas area offering Black Friday Deals.

Personalized Accessory Covers
Black Friday Special: Shop bagadocious.com w/code “BLACKBAG” on Black Friday only for 65% off any size accessory cover! Free shipping on orders $99 and up.


The Uber Shop
Clothing Store which saves you 50-70% off retail
Black Friday Special: Selection of $5 men’s and women’s sweaters, $5 pajamas, and $5 kids jeans.
6905 Avenue K, Suite 204
Plano, Texas 75074


Online Women’s Magazine (Based in Dallas with distribution internationally)
Black Friday Special: 25% off National Advertising Packages
Contact: Sales@SheNOW.org


Find Your Designs
Digital Photoshop Guru
Black Friday Special: 50% off all Digital Designs Invitations, Custom Party supplies, Business Marketing Materials, Unique Gifts and Much Much more!!!


Trainer In PINK
Fitness & Training
Black Friday Specials: Free consultation and 1/2 off your first training session!


Dust or Us Concierge & Commercial CleaningConcierge & Commercial Cleaning
https://www.facebook.com/dustorusdallasBlack Friday Special: $10 off concierge services and $20 off commercial cleaning


Big Mikey’s Landscape
Based In Denton, Serving all of DFW
Inquire via facebook regarding their Black Friday Special


Clean Cuisine Cooking for a Healthier Lifestyle
Cooking for a Healthier Lifestyle
www.facebook.com/cleancuisineBlack Friday/Holiday Specials 20 to 30% off of selected NutraEase’s 316 TI Cookware Pieces and Sets
Along with a purchase you will receive a free cookbook and monthly cooking classes.
Please contact: Vivian James at 214-649-7105


If you know of any small business Black Friday deals in Dallas or any other area, feel free to post it in the comment section. Let’s support small businesses!!!

Outgoing Lady (Our Sister Site)

Outgoing Lady is a new site focusing on brand ambassadorship, social connections, articles, tips and more. It’s a branch of Diversity Solutions Marketing . The purpose of the blog is primarily to allow a more relaxed environment to showcase the branding aspect of marketing through the eyes of an up and coming blogger. I look forward to working with businesses both local and national to help brand your business through social media. For the new followers, thank you for being a part of this new adventure and I invite you to come along for the ride.

Check out some stories and more on www.outgoingLady.com


Help A Small Business Get A Grant

I have dreams and aspirations to open up a training resource center/facility for other small business owners. This Chase Mission Small Business Grant will assist in making that dream and goal a reality.

Would appreciate your vote. You’ll need to be logged in Facebook to participate. Let’s see if this small business can get to 250 votes and make it to the next round.

Thank you!!!


Mission Main Street Grants

Four Ways Not Stretch Yourself Too Thin

Small Business Owners that offer services to their clients:

When your business gets to a point where there are more clients needing your assistance then you have time for…how do you handle that?

Nobody wants to turn down business, well good business away.  However there are some pitfalls for taking on more than you can handle.

The saying “stretching yourself thin” comes to mind.  Having numerous (paid) clients is one way to keep your business profitable.  Keep in mind that your time put into the services and payment for the terms should be at a point where each business involved is benefiting.  We can’t make everyone happy but stay firm and let your potential or current clients know that business is business.

Diversity Solutions Marketing has been working diligently with our clientele to help provide the services each company needs.  Every business at one point or another will end up losing customer/clients/vendors.

Your time management needs to come into place.  If you are running a business with 1-2 employees, it is nearly impossible to service a large volume of clients.  Your time is better spent figuring out all the needs of each client and how many hours per month or week you can devote to them.

1)Know your limits

Taking on more clients that you have time for will make a business owner suffer.  Your lack of time needed to devote to your clients may result in a poor quality of service or commitment.  If five full time clients has you at your max, do not add more clients unless time allows you to do so.  For example, say you  have 5 clients and 3 major deadlines coming up.  A potential client who you have been reaching out to for months decides to work with you on a last minute huge project.  If you take on the project, you are taking way from your current clients.

Suggestion:  If this contact/client is worth the time and money, consider taking on the project but hire a part time assistant to help you complete the current or new project.  If you don’t have those resources, then it will lead me to the next item…it’s okay to say no.

2) It’s okay to say no

Ideally we all want to be flooded with so much business so our bottom line will be successful.  Is that correct?  There’s a fine line between wanting to be busy with new business and losing your mind. Sometimes turning down new business is ok.  What benefit will that client get if you are already overwhelmed and overcommitted to your current clients?  It’s not fair to you or the people you work with.  There’s only 24 hours in the day and there is no magical wand that will make the day 30 hours or more.  If you so desire to want to add more business to your plate,  it will lead to the next line…offering a smaller service now and doing more later.

3) Offer a smaller service with the possibility to do more in the future

So, you are slammed with new projects but have a new customer that you have been wanting to get for months.  It’s a huge contract with the possibility of growing into something even bigger in the future.  You are telling yourself “I can’t turn down this opportunity.”  What do you do?  Step 1 and step 2 are not good enough for me.   Consider offering a smaller service int he beginning until your larger contracts slow down or until those major deadlines have passed.  Utilize that assistant or gain an intern at www.Internships.com to help you get through that slump.  Also consider hiring a VA, Virtual Assistant or asking another business owner to work with you on a project.  This leads to number 4.

4) Refer them out to a networking friend or contact that does similar work

I got the large contract I wanted but I no longer have time to do it.  I don’t have additional funds to give more work to my assistant but landing this would be beneficial for my business.  What should I do?

Consider reaching out to a networking contact or business friend that does similar work.  You can negotiate the terms of payment and let that business handle part of the project. It is risky so choose carefully and make sure that company has a good track record.  All business owners should understand that risk is inevitable in this industry.  Some will rise and others will fall.

You need to understand your limits, not be afraid of saying no, look for other ways or options to work with potential clients and lastly consider hiring or partnering up with another business.

What are some things as a business owner you would do to handle being stretched too thin?

Chase Mission Street Grant

Work takes me away from writing on the blog but being busy can be a good thing.

I recently applied for a $250,000 grant from Chase this week.  If I were selected as one of the 12 winners, it will be a major accomplishment.  Those funds will go to a long term lease with a conference room for trainings.  Support staff and a marketing intern will also benefit.  Think of how many small business owners will be impacted by this?  The sky is the limit and I am reaching for the stars.  Would appreciate your support!!!

 http://shar.es/E3bwT is the link to vote.  Just 250 votes is needed to be considered.  Your vote makes me one step closer…

Thank you!!!